Arcs of electricity spark and flare, carrying the lightning rail toward the bridge. If Sundry is telling the truth, the train holds a fortune in Cyran gold… a fortune that rightfully belongs to the refugees scattered across Breland. And if Sundry is telling the truth, that gold is guarded by a cadre of undead soldiers, the elite warriors of Karrnath.

The airship Revenge glides towards the bridge. The warforged ranger Pierce holds his sword in his right hand; with his left, he clings to the edge of Revenge. Pierce is a living weapon, built to fight for the people of Cyre. In a moment he’ll release his grip, and if he times it right he’ll land atop the coach and have a chance to reclaim the lost treasure. If he times it wrong, he’ll be smashed to pieces at the bottom of the canyon.

A human would hold his breath, but Pierce doesn’t breathe. He just waits as Revenge passes over the bridge, and then he releases his grip.

Eberron was born in 2002 when Wizards of the Coast launched a worldwide search for a new campaign setting. I imagined a world of swashbuckling adventure and dark fantasy, a place where magic formed the foundation of civilization. Over the course of the next year I worked with a team of amazing artists and game designers to refine and develop that core idea, and the end result was the Eberron Campaign Setting. In the years that followed, a host of authors, designers, and dungeon masters across the world have continued to expand and explore this setting.

This book brings Eberron to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, providing an overview of the core themes of the setting and the rules to connect them to current campaigns. It explores the continent of Khorvaire and the great city of Sharn. The Wayfinder’s Guide provides ideas and hooks for compelling adventures, as well as an appendix with a list of sources you can use to learn more about the setting.

Bear in mind: this book presents my current vision of Eberron. This is the world I run at my own table, and the way that I’ve converted its ideas to fifth edition. The game mechanics are usable in your campaign, but at this time they aren’t officially part of the game and aren’t permitted in D&D Adventurers League events. These mechanics will evolve based on player feedback. This is a living document, and as these concepts are refined, this book will also be updated for free; so you will be kept up to date with any changes that are made to it. Beyond that: Eberron is your world as much as it is mine. I hope that this book will provide you with inspiration, but don’t be limited by these ideas or decisions. Think of this as something you can build upon, not a codex of absolute law.

Welcome to Eberron: let’s explore!