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What you play a Druid, you can transform into a T-Rex. What more could you possibly want?!
  • Dual-focused Tal'dorei Campaign Setting
    Concentrate on two spells
    Prerequisite: The ability to cast at least one spell

    Countless hours have been spent training your mind to maintain focus on concurrent incantations, taxing as the process may be.

    • If you attempt to cast a spell that requires concen-tration while already concentrating on an existing spell, you can maintain concentration on both spells simultaneously.
    • If you take damage during this time, you must make a concentration check for each spell individually.
    • At the end of each turn where you have two spells you are concentrating on, you must make a Constitution saving throw (DC equals 8 + both spells’ levels combined). On a success, you maintain concentration on both spells. On a failure, you lose concentration on both spells.