Version 2.0 Released

After nearly three months of development (and like another three months of just learning Python), I'm proud to finally announce that Version 2.0 is now live!

Now, from a user standpoint, you probably won't notice hardly anything different from the previous version. Pretty much the entire frontend of the website is identical, except for a few minor differences which you probably won't even notice. But the backend, however, oh my is that different! The previous incarnation of Draconic was built entirely with WordPress, which was actually pretty damn impressive seeing as WordPress is absolutely not built for this sort of advanced web app/database. This new version is built with Python and Django, which many popular apps such as Instagram are built with. This allows for much greater flexibility, power, and scaling potential. So, all of the code is different, and so much better.

Now that version 2.0 is finished and caught up to where the previous WordPress version was, I can finally start on adding NEW features! That's right, the much-anticipated World Builder system will be coming soon! But the first update will most likely be a design overhaul, both to clean up and streamline the look and feel of the site, as well as allowing users to choose between a light or dark theme, and different accent color variations (for those of you who may not like the black and red).

If you want to see the current progress on new features, as well as what's ahead still to come, check out our roadmap!

Wanted: Bugs!

With all of the chaos that went into migrating all of the massive amounts of data from WordPress to Django, I'm sure some errors have made their way into Draconic. So to deal with them, I'm putting out a massive bounty on bugs and errors! For every bug, glitch, error, mistake, or general fuck-up that you alert me about, I'll be granting you your choice of 1 Inspiration (max 3) or 100 gp in our weekly D&D campaign. The bugs do have to be unique - if somebody else already alerted me about it, it won't count! So start scouring every single creature, spell, magic item, and definitely every chapter of the books and start looking for errors. For example - I already know that some of the spells that require concentration are not currently displaying that correctly, but I don't know which spells. There's no limit on the amount of bugs you can hunt, so this is a good chance for a dedicated and observant person to possibly fully fund the construction of a stronghold or buy some kickass gear!