Boros Legion

A brown-bearded, broad-chested man clad in massive-shouldered plate armor led a battalion of soldiers, the symbol of the Boros Legion emblazoned on white cloth draped over their armor. Their soldiers were a variety of races, including humans, a minotaur with a permanent scowl on her face, an impatient-looking goblin, and even some kind of humanoid fire elemental, whose Boros armor floated in protective positions over its animate flame.

— Doug Beyer, Return to Ravnica: The Secretist

Clad in shining armor and fueled by righteous zeal, the soldiers of the Boros Legion take up steel against the corruption and lawlessness that gnaw at the soul of Ravnica. Combining the force of law with the military strength to back it up, the Boros work to forge Ravnica into a just society, a safe and healthy community for all. From garrisons throughout the sprawling city, disciplined, stalwart soldiers are dispatched to stand firm against Gruul raids, Dimir infiltration, Golgari corruption, and the subtle influence of more nefarious foes.

The archangel Razia was the original guildmaster of the Boros Legion, which was established to serve as Ravnica’s standing army. Razia served as its guildmaster for almost ten thousand years. Legend says that all the other angels of Ravnica were created in the image of this semidivine figure, and her death was devastating to the guild. Aurelia, the current angelic guildmaster, is the third to hold that title.


Minotaurs have a reputation for being both fierce warriors and clever strategists. Thick of muscle, stout of heart, and possessing a burning love of justice and the battlefield, they have become the steel spine of the Boros Legion. Generations of minotaurs of the Ordruun family line have served with honor and distinction, claiming more than fifteen generals to their lineage.

Inside the Legion

Angels occupy the highest tier of the Boros hierarchy, from the guildmaster Aurelia down to the hosts of holy warriors and advisors in leadership roles. Their opinions and advice are deeply respected in the guild, though the angels aren’t above engaging in the machinations of mortal politics. The angels include the wise, strategic warleaders; the holy champions and paragons of war known as firemanes; and battleforce angels, who form the bulk of the legion’s angelic warriors.

From the perspective of the average Boros soldier, the angels embody the ideals the Boros hold dear. Few mortal soldiers gain admission into the presence of the warleaders and other powerful angels, but battleforce angels fight at the forefront of the legion’s ranks, and they form strong friendships with mortals under such life-and-death circumstances. Boros paladins are the members most likely to converse with the angels and be charged with implementing their plans.

The garrison commanders who convey the angels’ commands are accessible to the ordinary soldier. In addition to Sunhome, the Boros maintain smaller garrisons throughout the Tenth District, at least one in each of the six precincts.

Goals of the Boros

Wherever criminals exploit others, petty tyrants make grabs for power, or violence erupts and leaves devastation in its wake, Boros soldiers are there fighting to make things right.

The Boros Legion is defined by the tension between its goal of establishing order and harmony and the fiery zeal that drives many of its members. The guild stands for peace and justice, which can be established only through the rule of law. Its moral stance is fundamentally good, as it strives to protect the innocent and powerless from oppression and exploitation. At the same time, members of the legion are passionate about their pursuit of justice, spurred by their righteous wrath into action against evil and injustice. Ironically, this means that individual members sometimes break the rules they are charged with enforcing, cleaving to the spirit of the law when the letter no longer serves justice.

Because the Guildpact — the one force on Ravnica that can keep the guilds from destroying each other — is now embodied in a single, unreliable person who vanishes for weeks or months at a time, the legion is in a heightened state of vigilance. In this time of uncertainty, the Boros are on constant alert for military threats. They work to maintain their fortifications to ensure that they aren’t overrun by Gruul marauders. Construction proceeds on new strongholds near Gruul territories, but in general the Boros prepare for a military threat the same way they always have — by fielding the stronger army.

The angels are also bracing for a subtler threat: the danger of infiltration by House Dimir. The Boros are becoming increasingly aware of the possibility that their guild could be undermined from within. Security at garrison buildings is vigilant, with angels watching the entrances at all times for spies.

Boros Characters

Alignment: Usually good, often lawful

Suggested Races: Human, goblin, minotaur

Suggested Classes: Cleric, fighter, paladin, ranger, wizard

Consider the Boros Legion for your character if one or more of the following sentences ring true:

  • You are drawn to the ideal of the knight in shining armor.
  • You like playing clerics, paladins, or disciplined fighters.
  • Smiting foes with holy radiance fills you with righteous joy.
  • You want to protect the innocent and fight for justice.

Joining the Boros Legion

As a new recruit to the Boros Legion, you were sent to the prestigious Horizon Military Academy for training. Your life there was tempered in the forge of Boros discipline, devotion, and zeal. Your training regimen was deliberately harsh, to weed out the uncommitted. You lasted to the end, and now you begin your adventuring career ready to put everything you have learned to use in the legion’s service. Depending on whether you focused on martial training, studied magic, or pursued both courses, your path will look somewhat different.

Martial Training

The bulk of the Boros Legion consists of human, minotaur, and goblin soldiers. If you are a fighter, ranger, or even a barbarian, you’ll fit right in among the ranks, with a promising career path ahead of you — promotion through the ranks, with opportunities for special assignments.

Another option is to join the swiftblades, the vanguard of the Boros Legion. They specialize in assault and occupation, and their squads often function as commandos or guerrillas. They pick off enemy archers and mages, softening the enemy’s front lines before the rest of the legion marches in.

Magical Study

If you are spellcaster (perhaps a wizard specialized in the School of Evocation or a cleric of the Light Domain), you can find a place as a combat mage in the Boros Legion, called an embermage. These mages use spells of fire and light to clear the way for the legion’s combat troops.

If you prefer healing magic over the explosive magic of the embermages (perhaps as a cleric of the Life or the Light Domain), you can become a medic. These combat healers are an essential part of Boros operations, using a combination of magic and mundane medicine to close wounds and restore strength.

Military Magic

If you are a paladin who swears the Oath of Devotion, a fighter of the Eldritch Knight archetype, or a cleric of the War Domain, you can combine the martial training of a soldier with magic and call yourself a firefist. Fueled by a healthy dose of righteous zeal, firefists command a great deal of respect in the Boros Legion.

Background: Boros Legionnaire

As a member of the Boros Legion, your life is devoted to the service of angels and consecrated to the work of establishing justice and peace on the streets of Ravnica. You might be a true believer, inspired by the example of the angels, moved by the plight of the downtrodden, and devoted to the cause of justice. Or you could be a cynic in the ranks, perhaps because you reluctantly followed in the footsteps of a Boros parent, succumbed to the persuasion of a charismatic recruiter’s lofty promises, or were drawn in by the prospect of a life of action.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set

Languages: Choose one of Celestial, Draconic, Goblin, or Minotaur

Equipment: A Boros insignia, a feather from an angel’s wing, a tattered piece of a Boros banner (a souvenir from a famous battle), a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 2 gp (Boros-minted 1-zino coins)

Feature: Legion Station

You have an established place in the hierarchy of the Boros Legion. You can requisition simple equipment for temporary use, and you can gain access to any Boros garrison in Ravnica, where you can rest in safety and receive the attention of medics. You are also paid a salary of 1 gp (a Boros-minted 1-zino coin) per week, which (combined with free lodging in your garrison) enables you to maintain a poor lifestyle between adventures.

Boros Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

For you, the spells on the Boros Guild Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Boros Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripfire bolt, sacred flame
1stguiding bolt, heroism
2ndaid, scorching ray
3rdbeacon of hope, blinding smite
4thdeath ward, wall of fire
5thflame strike

Your magic often features dramatic bursts of flame or radiance. When you cast beneficial spells on your allies, they appear momentarily surrounded with halos of bright fire.

Suggested Characteristics

The Boros Legion is a zealous army, full of righteous energy tempered with military discipline. Its members share its leadership’s devotion to the ideals of justice, or they find satisfaction in the more warfare-oriented aspects of the legion’s work.

Personality Traits

d8Personality Trait
1I approach every task with the same high degree of military precision.
2I am always the first into the fray.
3I bear any injury or indignity with stoic discipline.
4My righteous wrath is easily inflamed by the slightest iniquity.
5My honor is more important to me than my life.
6Dangerous work is best accomplished by an orderly group working with common purpose.
7I treat my weapons, uniform, and insignia with reverence, for they are gifts of the angels.
8I pace when standing and fidget incessantly when forced to sit.


1Guild. My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Justice. Achieving justice requires establishing fair, equitable, and compassionate relationships within a community. (Good)
3Protection. It isn’t right for innocents to suffer because of the arrogance of the powerful. (Good)
4Solidarity. It is most crucial to act with a single will, marching side by side in perfect accord. (Lawful)
5Order. Society functions only if people do their duty and respect the chain of command. (Lawful)
6Conviction. Anything worth doing is worth doing with your whole heart. (Lawful)


1I would lay down my life for Aurelia and the angels.
2I owe my life to the Boros captain who took me in when I was living on the streets.
3My fellow legionnaires are my family.
4I wield the same Boros weapon my grandparent did, for the honor of our family.
5I ran with the Rakdos in my youth, and I’m striving to atone for my past misdeeds.
6I do what I can to help out the spouse of a comrade who died in battle.


1I act bravely when I’m in a group, but I’m a coward when I’m alone.
2I see everything in clear-cut black and white.
3I’m just a little fascinated by the ways of the Gruul.
4I trust the chain of command more than anything — more even than my closest friends.
5I’m slow to trust members of other guilds.
6I’ve been known to turn a blind eye to injustice, with the help of a modest bribe.


The ordered structure of the Boros Legion offers abundant opportunities to make friends — and rivals — in higher places. You might have close friends in other guilds that share the Boros emphasis on order and community, or bitter enemies among the guilds that represent chaos and destruction.

Roll twice on the Boros Contacts table (for an ally and a rival) and once on the Non-Boros Contacts table.

Boros Contacts

1A former comrade in arms was promoted into the prestigious Sunhome Guard.
2One of my parents is a ranking Boros officer.
3A close friend serves aboard the Parhelion II, a flying fortress.
4I had a tangled affair with a Boros garrison captain.
5I have maintained a relationship with one of my instructors at Horizon Military Academy.
6I competed with a fellow student for the attention of a mentor at Horizon Military Academy.
7The person who recruited me into the legion changed the course of my life.
8A Boros angel knows my name.

Non-Boros Contacts

1One of my siblings is an Azorius arrester.
2Roll an additional Boros contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
3I showed mercy to an injured, now-grateful Dimir spy.
4I suspect someone I know is a Golgari assassin, but I can’t prove it.
5An adolescent relative ran off to join the Gruul in an act of rebellion and has not yet returned.
6I once befriended an Izzet scientist, and we’re still cordial though the relationship ended messily.
7I owe a monetary debt to an Orzhov syndic.
8A Rakdos blood witch seems to enjoy harassing me.
9I tried to recruit a friend who ended up joining the Selesnya.
10I keep running into a particular Simic biomancer, and I enjoy the arguments that inevitably result.

How Do I Fit In?

As a member of the Boros Legion, you are subject to the orders of your superior officers. You go where the angels tell you to go, and you do what they command you to do, to the best of your ability. If you enjoy some measure of independence, it’s either because you have proven yourself capable of working without close supervision or because you’re a rebellious sort who is willing to disobey orders now and face the consequences later.

As a soldier on the street, you are tasked with bringing dangerous threats like the Rakdos and the Gruul in line. You might contend with Rakdos performances gone horribly out of control, Gruul raids on outlying neighborhoods, shipments of rot-infested vegetation from the Golgari undercity, and violent uprisings among the guildless. At the same time, you might have to worry about Dimir spies infiltrating your leadership, overzealous or corrupt Azorius senators abusing the law at the expense of justice, Izzet experiments leveling city blocks, and Simic creations that break out of laboratories and wreak havoc through the Tenth District.


Tajic is a firefist who carries the exalted title of Blade of the Legion, putting him just below the angels in rank. He maintains close communication with Aurelia, though recent events in the city have set them at odds. Tajic believes that the Boros can trust only the Boros. He is convinced that any effort at peace among the guilds is doomed to failure without the Guildpact. The Boros, he argues, would be better off spending their energy to make themselves stronger so they can uphold the fragile balance that exists now—and protect the innocent when the balance tilts. Aurelia feels that his negative attitude runs the risk of poisoning the hearts of the other Boros and undermining any peace efforts. For the most part, in deference to the angel, Tajic keeps his views to himself.

A Boros Party

An adventuring party drawn entirely from the ranks of the Boros Legion would be a small military strike force, probably focused on combat but also strong on social interaction. One or two soldiers (fighters), a medic (cleric), and an embermage (wizard) would form the core of that strike force. A firefist (paladin) would be a strong addition, or might replace a fighter or a cleric. A lightly armored swiftblade (ranger) could help the group in situations involving stealth or exploration.

Rank and Renown

By gaining renown as a member of the Boros Legion, you can ascend through an ordered series of ranks within the guild. Promotion always requires the approval of a superior officer. It is a reward for services rendered to the guild, rather than an automatic consequence of increased renown.

In addition, certain positions become available to you when both your renown and your character level reach certain thresholds.

Rank 1: Sergeant

Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in the Boros Legion

At this rank, you gain some authority over lower-ranking soldiers. When you undertake a mission on the guild’s behalf that requires military strength, a squad of 1d4 soldiers (see chapter 6 for the stat block) accompanies and assists you for the duration of the mission.

Your salary at this rank is enough to maintain a modest lifestyle, including private quarters in the garrison.

Skyknight (Special Role)

Prerequisite: Renown 5 or higher in the Boros Legion, 5th level or higher

Skyknights mounted on Skyjek rocs patrol the skies above Ravnica — a regular reminder of the Boros and their concern for justice. If you meet the prerequisites, you can become a skyknight, assuming no official objects. You are assigned a Skyjek roc (see chapter 6 for the stat block) to use as a mount when carrying out your guild responsibilities. Using the roc for personal matters is a significant violation of regulations.

Wojek (Special Role)

Prerequisite: Renown 5 or higher in the Boros Legion, 5th level or higher

If you meet the prerequisites, you can apply to join the elite soldiers of the Wojek League. This special order serves as a combination of military police and military intelligence, giving it a fair degree of independence within the guild. Its members scout the activities of other guilds to assess their military strength and predict potential threats, and they sometimes activate squads to defuse threats before they grow more serious. The Wojeks also help the angels root out spies and leaks within the legion. Secondarily, the Wojek League is responsible for policing the ranks of the legion. When members get carried away by their zeal and break the law or abuse their authority, the Wojeks take on the tasks of investigating, apprehending, and punishing the malefactors. Similarly, if members of the legion disappear (involuntarily or otherwise), Wojek agents are typically the ones called to investigate.

You can be both a skyknight and a member of the Wojek League, gaining the title of Skyjek.

Rank 2: Brigadier

Prerequisite: Rank 1 and renown 10 or higher in the Boros Legion

As a brigadier, you are responsible for missions and strategies that you can’t execute entirely on your own or with the aid of a handful of soldiers. After receiving goals handed down from the captain above you, it’s your job to figure out the tactics needed to accomplish those goals.

You lead a brigade that consists of six squads, each made up of four soldiers commanded by a sergeant (use the soldier stat block in chapter 6 to represent them). If you are also a skyknight, at least one of these squads is made up of other skyknights, which are soldiers mounted on Skyjek rocs (see chapter 6 for these stat blocks). You can assign these squads to tasks of your choosing within the area of the city where you have authority. You can also lead these soldiers into battle yourself, or bring one squad and its sergeant with you on a guild mission.

At this rank, you gain a Boros charm (described in chapter 5) at the start of each mission you undertake on the guild’s behalf. You continue to receive a salary sufficient to maintain a modest lifestyle, but your quarters in the garrison are more spacious.

Sunhome Guard (Special Role)

Prerequisite: Renown 10 or higher in the Boros Legion, 7th level or higher

Members of the Sunhome Guard are responsible for the defense of Sunhome, the Boros guildhall in the Tenth District. Only those who have proven themselves in combat are selected to join this force. If you are accepted into the Sunhome Guard, your missions will be primarily defensive in nature. You might receive orders to find new ways to fortify the guildhall or to detect Dimir agents and other spies who try to gain access. Of course, given these chaotic times, you could end up defending Sunhome from an all-out attack by the Gruul or some other enemy force.

Rank 3: Captain

Prerequisite: Rank 2 and renown 25 or higher in the Boros Legion

As a captain in the Boros Legion, you gain command of a small garrison and the responsibility for maintaining order and protecting people in part of a city district. You have four brigades under your command. As described for rank 3, each brigade has six squads of five soldiers (including a sergeant) reporting to them. One additional squad of 2d4 soldiers is your personal retinue.

You regularly receive communications from warleader angels who coordinate the efforts of the smaller garrisons. They keep you informed of the goals and concerns of the legion’s mortal and angelic leaders and can help you address them. You are then responsible for giving orders to your brigadiers, and you must answer to your commander for the troops’ success or failure in achieving the guild’s strategic goals.

As a captain, your salary allows you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle between adventures.

Rank 4: Commander

Prerequisite: Rank 3 and renown 50 or higher in the Boros Legion

As a commander, you assume the leadership of one of the major garrisons of the Boros Legion: Kamen Fortress, Horizon Military Academy, or the great flying garrison called Parhelion II, which moves from place to place to deploy reinforcements to Boros troops around Ravnica. If you are already a member of the Sunhome Guard, you could instead be placed in command of that elite force, leading all the non-angelic forces of Sunhome.

In this role, you are advised — and ordered around — by angels. You are in regular communication with Guildmaster Aurelia, who places you in charge of a major guild initiative. You might be tasked with improving recruitment, developing a plan for dealing with Dimir infiltration, or collaborating with the Izzet to develop new weaponry for Boros soldiers.

You continue to draw a salary sufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Enemies and Allies

In general, the Boros find some common ground with other guilds that value order and structure: Azorius, Selensya, and (to a lesser extent) Orzhov. The Rakdos, Gruul, and Izzet might share the zeal and energy of the Boros, but they represent the more chaotic aspect of those qualities, which threatens the stability of all Ravnica.

The legion is dedicated to combating the influence of Dimir spies and infiltrators, containing the brutal chaos of the Rakdos, and halting the schemes of the Golgari. But any guild can become an enemy of Boros if its aims and activities lead to crime, chaos, injustice, or harm to the innocent citizens of Ravnica. Even the Azorius can become so obsessive in creating and enforcing laws that they overreach the bounds of justice.

Conversely, any guild can offer you allies in your quest for justice. Distasteful as they might be, even the Gruul and the Rakdos can play a part in curtailing threats to the city that also impede their own interests.


The Boros are committed to justice and order, and they are convinced that virtually every other guild is just as committed to undermining both. Therefore, the Boros rely only on their comrades for support and view everyone else with suspicion or disdain.

Azorius. “Legalism. Arrogance. Hot air. The law in their hands is a bludgeon, and they use it to seize more power than they deserve.”

Dimir. “Snakes lurking in the shadows. They should be rooted out so they can shrivel in the light.”

Golgari. “If they limited themselves to their intended purpose, repulsive as it is, they could be allowed to survive. But they are growing into a dangerous menace, and we need to flush them out of the sewers while we still can.”

Gruul. “They are lost in violence and savagery. Only occasionally can their energy be channeled in directions that benefit the greater good.”

Izzet. “They don’t understand the concept of limits. If they kept their spellcraft under control, they could truly benefit society.”

Orzhov. “The Orzhov care only about the Orzhov. If it were up to them, all of Ravnica would follow an orderly process designed to funnel wealth into their grasping hands.”

Rakdos. “They make destruction into a spectacle, but they’re more than blood and fire. They’re termites gnawing away at the heart and soul of Ravnica.”

Selesnya. “I almost envy the naiveté that leads them to retreat into their little communes and pretend they’ve built a just society.”

Simic. “They have stepped out of their place, with all their experiments, their tinkering with the nature of life. They’re a waste, a drain on Ravnica, and a danger to the public good.”