Chapter 2: Magic Item Tables

The tables in this section classify the magic items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the new items presented here into minor items and major items, then separate the items in each group according to rarity. Each table entry includes the item’s type and an indication of whether the item requires attunement. Artifacts aren’t included here; they are beyond even major items in power and importance.


Some magic items can be used a limited number of times but are recharged by the arrival of dawn. What if you’re on a plane of existence that lacks anything resembling dawn? The DM should choose a time every 24 hours when such magic items recharge on that plane of existence.

Even on a world that experiences dawn each day, the DM is free to choose a different time — perhaps noon, sunset, or midnight — when certain magic items recharge.

Never rely on magic items. They’re so fickle. First, they work, and then they don’t.
On, off, on, off — in the blink of my eye!

Minor Items, Common

Armor of gleamingArmorNo
Bead of nourishmentWondrous itemNo
Bead of refreshmentWondrous itemNo
Boots of false tracksWondrous itemNo
Candle of the deepWondrous itemNo
Cast-off armorArmorNo
Charlatan's dieWondrous itemYes
Cloak of billowingWondrous itemNo
Cloak of many fashionsWondrous itemNo
Clockwork amuletWondrous itemNo
Clothes of mendingWondrous itemNo
Dark shard amuletWondrous itemYes (warlock)
Dread helmWondrous itemNo
Ear horn of hearingWondrous itemNo
Enduring spellbookWondrous itemNo
Ersatz eyeWondrous itemYes
Hat of verminWondrous itemNo
Hat of wizardryWondrous itemYes (wizard)
Heward's handy spice pouchWondrous itemNo
Horn of silent alarmWondrous itemNo
Instrument of illusionsWondrous itemYes
Instrument of scribingWondrous itemYes
Lock of trickeryWondrous itemNo
Moon-touched swordWeaponNo
Mystery keyWondrous itemNo
Orb of directionWondrous itemNo
Orb of timeWondrous itemNo
Perfume of bewitchingWondrous itemNo
Pipe of smoke monstersWondrous itemNo
Pole of anglingWondrous itemNo
Pole of collapsingWondrous itemNo
Pot of awakeningWondrous itemNo
Potion of climbingPotionNo
Potion of healingPotionNo
Rope of mendingWondrous itemNo
Ruby of the war mageWondrous itemYes (spellcaster)
Shield of expressionArmorNo
Smoldering armorArmorNo
Spell scroll (cantrip)ScrollNo
Spell scroll (1st level)ScrollNo
Staff of adornmentStaffNo
Staff of birdcallsStaffNo
Staff of flowersStaffNo
Talking dollWondrous itemYes
Tankard of sobrietyWondrous itemNo
Unbreakable arrowWeaponNo
Veteran's caneWondrous itemNo
Walloping ammunitionWeaponNo
Wand of conductingWandNo
Wand of pyrotechnicsWandNo
Wand of scowlsWandNo
Wand of smilesWandNo


The D&D game is built on the assumption that magic items appear sporadically and that they are always a boon, unless an item bears a curse. Characters and monsters are built to face each other without the help of magic items, which means that having a magic item always makes a character more powerful or versatile than a generic character of the same level. As DM, you never have to worry about awarding magic items just so the characters can keep up with the campaign’s threats. Magic items are truly prizes. Are they useful? Absolutely. Are they necessary? No.

Magic items can go from nice to necessary in the rare group that has no spellcasters, no monk, and no NPCs capable of casting magic weapon. Having no magic makes it extremely difficult for a party to overcome monsters that have resistances or immunity to nonmagical damage. In such a game, you’ll want to be generous with magic weapons or else avoid using such monsters.

Minor Items, Uncommon

Alchemy jugWondrous itemNo
Ammunition, +1WeaponNo
Bag of holdingWondrous itemNo
Cap of water breathingWondrous itemNo
Cloak of the manta rayWondrous itemNo
Decanter of endless waterWondrous itemNo
DriftglobeWondrous itemNo
Dust of disappearanceWondrous itemNo
Dust of drynessWondrous itemNo
Dust of sneezing and chokingWondrous itemNo
Elemental gemWondrous itemNo
Eyes of minute seeingWondrous itemNo
Goggles of nightWondrous itemNo
Helm of comprehending languagesWondrous itemNo
Immovable rodRodNo
Keoghtom's ointmentWondrous itemNo
Lantern of revealingWondrous itemNo
Mariner's armorArmorNo
Mithral armorArmorNo
Oil of slipperinessPotionNo
Periapt of healthWondrous itemNo
Philter of lovePotionNo
Potion of animal friendshipPotionNo
Potion of fire breathPotionNo
Potion of healing, greaterPotionNo
Potion of growthPotionNo
Potion of hill giant strengthPotionNo
Potion of poisonPotionNo
Potion of resistancePotionNo
Potion of water breathingPotionNo
Ring of swimmingRingNo
Robe of useful itemsWondrous itemNo
Rope of climbingWondrous itemNo
Saddle of the cavalierWondrous itemNo
Sending stonesWondrous itemNo
Spell scroll (2nd level)ScrollNo
Spell scroll (3rd level)ScrollNo
Wand of magic detectionWandNo
Wand of secretsWandNo

Minor Items, Very Rare

Ammunition, +3WeaponNo
Arrow of slayingWeaponNo
Bag of devouringWondrous itemNo
Horseshoes of a zephyrWondrous itemNo
Nolzur's marvelous pigmentsWondrous itemNo
Oil of sharpnessPotionNo
Potion of cloud giant strengthPotionNo
Potion of flyingPotionNo
Potion of invisibilityPotionNo
Potion of longevityPotionNo
Potion of speedPotionNo
Potion of healing, supremePotionNo
Potion of vitalityPotionNo
Spell scroll (6th level)ScrollNo
Spell scroll (7th level)ScrollNo
Spell scroll (8th level)ScrollNo

Minor Items, Legendary

Potion of storm giant strengthPotionNo
Sovereign glueWondrous itemNo
Spell scroll (9th level)ScrollNo
Universal solventWondrous itemNo

Major Items, Uncommon

Adamantine armorArmorNo
Amulet of proof against detection and locationWondrous itemYes
Bag of tricksWondrous itemNo
Boots of elvenkindWondrous itemNo
Boots of striding and springingWondrous itemYes
Boots of the winterlandsWondrous itemYes
Bracers of archeryWondrous itemYes
Brooch of shieldingWondrous itemYes
Broom of flyingWondrous itemNo
Circlet of blastingWondrous itemNo
Cloak of elvenkindWondrous itemYes
Cloak of protectionWondrous itemYes
Deck of illusionsWondrous itemNo
Eversmoking bottleWondrous itemNo
Eyes of charmingWondrous itemYes
Eyes of the eagleWondrous itemYes
Figurine of wondrous power (silver raven)Wondrous itemNo
Gauntlets of ogre powerWondrous itemYes
Gem of brightnessWondrous itemNo
Gloves of missile snaringWondrous itemYes
Gloves of swimming and climbingWondrous itemYes
Gloves of thieveryWondrous itemNo
Hat of disguiseWondrous itemYes
Headband of intellectWondrous itemYes
Helm of telepathyWondrous itemYes
Instrument of the bards (Doss lute)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Instrument of the bards (Fochlucan bandore)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Instrument of the bards (Mac-Fuirmidh cittern)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Javelin of lightningWeaponNo
Medallion of thoughtsWondrous itemYes
Necklace of adaptationWondrous itemYes
Pearl of powerWondrous itemYes (spellcaster)
Periapt of wound closureWondrous itemYes
Pipes of hauntingWondrous itemNo
Pipes of the sewersWondrous itemYes
Quiver of EhlonnaWondrous itemNo
Ring of jumpingRingYes
Ring of mind shieldingRingYes
Ring of warmthRingYes
Ring of water walkingRingNo
Rod of the pact keeper, +1RodYes (warlock)
Sentinel shieldArmorNo
Shield, +1ArmorNo
Slippers of spider climbingWondrous itemYes
Staff of the adderStaffYes (cleric, druid, or warlock)
Staff of the pythonStaffYes (cleric, druid, or warlock)
Stone of good luck (luckstone)Wondrous itemYes
Sword of vengeanceWeaponYes
Trident of fish commandWeaponYes
Wand of magic missilesWandNo
Wand of the war mage, +1WandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of webWandYes (spellcaster)
Weapon of warningWeaponYes
Weapon, +1WeaponNo
Wind fanWondrous itemNo
Winged bootsWondrous itemYes

Major Items, Rare

Amulet of healthWondrous itemYes
Armor of resistanceArmorYes
Armor of vulnerabilityArmorYes
Armor, +1ArmorNo
Arrow-catching shieldArmorYes
Belt of dwarvenkindWondrous itemYes
Belt of hill giant strengthWondrous itemYes
Berserker axeWeaponYes
Boots of levitationWondrous itemYes
Boots of speedWondrous itemYes
Bowl of commanding water elementalsWondrous itemNo
Bracers of defenseWondrous itemYes
Brazier of commanding fire elementalsWondrous itemNo
Cape of the mountebankWondrous itemNo
Censer of controlling air elementalsWondrous itemNo
Cloak of displacementWondrous itemYes
Cloak of the batWondrous itemYes
Cube of forceWondrous itemYes
Daern's instant fortressWondrous itemNo
Dagger of venomWeaponNo
Dimensional shacklesWondrous itemNo
Dragon slayerWeaponNo
Elven chainArmorNo
Figurine of wondrous power (bronze griffon)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (ebony fly)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (golden lions)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (ivory goats)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (marble elephant)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (onyx dog)Wondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (serpentine owl)Wondrous itemNo
Flame tongueWeaponYes
Gem of seeingWondrous itemYes
Giant slayerWeaponNo
Glamoured studded leatherArmorNo
Helm of teleportationWondrous itemYes
Horn of blastingWondrous itemNo
Horn of Valhalla (silver or brass)Wondrous itemNo
Instrument of the bards (Canaith mandolin)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Instrument of the bards (Cli lyre)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Ioun stone (awareness)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (protection)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (reserve)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (sustenance)Wondrous itemYes
Iron bands of BilarroWondrous itemNo
Mace of disruptionWeaponYes
Mace of smitingWeaponNo
Mace of terrorWeaponYes
Mantle of spell resistanceWondrous itemYes
Necklace of prayer beadsWondrous itemYes (cleric, druid, or paladin)
Periapt of proof against poisonWondrous itemNo
Ring of animal influenceRingNo
Ring of evasionRingYes
Ring of feather fallingRingYes
Ring of free actionRingYes
Ring of protectionRingYes
Ring of resistanceRingYes
Ring of spell storingRingYes
Ring of the ramRingYes
Ring of X-ray visionRingYes
Robe of eyesWondrous itemYes
Rod of rulershipRodYes
Rod of the pact keeper, +2RodYes (warlock)
Rope of entanglementWondrous itemNo
Shield of missile attractionArmorYes
Shield, +2ArmorNo
Staff of charmingStaffYes (bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Staff of healingStaffYes (bard, cleric, or druid)
Staff of swarming insectsStaffYes (bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Staff of the woodlandsStaffYes (druid)
Staff of witheringStaffYes (cleric, druid, or warlock)
Stone of controlling earth elementalsWondrous itemNo
Sun bladeWeaponYes
Sword of life stealingWeaponYes
Sword of woundingWeaponYes
Tentacle rodRodYes
Vicious weaponWeaponNo
Wand of bindingWandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of enemy detectionWandYes
Wand of fearWandYes
Wand of fireballsWandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of lightning boltsWandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of paralysisWandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of the war mage, +2WandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of wonderWandYes (spellcaster)
Weapon, +2WeaponNo
Wings of flyingWondrous itemYes

Major Items, Very Rare

Amulet of the planesWondrous itemYes
Animated shieldArmorYes
Armor, +2ArmorNo
Belt of fire giant strengthWondrous itemYes
Belt of giant strength (frost/stone)Wondrous itemYes
Candle of invocationWondrous itemYes
Carpet of flyingWondrous itemNo
Cloak of arachnidaWondrous itemYes
Crystal ball (very rare)Wondrous itemYes
Dancing swordWeaponYes
Demon armorArmorYes
Dragon scale mailArmorYes
Dwarven plateArmorNo
Dwarven throwerWeaponYes (dwarf)
Efreeti bottleWondrous itemNo
Figurine of wondrous power (obsidian steed)Wondrous itemNo
Frost brandWeaponYes
Helm of brillianceWondrous itemYes
Horn of Valhalla (bronze)Wondrous itemNo
Instrument of the bards (Anstruth harp)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Ioun stone (absorption)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (agility)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (fortitude)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (insight)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (intellect)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (leadership)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (strength)Wondrous itemYes
Manual of bodily healthWondrous itemNo
Manual of gainful exerciseWondrous itemNo
Manual of golemsWondrous itemNo
Manual of quickness of actionWondrous itemNo
Mirror of life trappingWondrous itemNo
Nine lives stealerWeaponYes
Ring of regenerationRingYes
Ring of shooting starsRingYes (outdoors at night)
Ring of telekinesisRingYes
Robe of scintillating colorsWondrous itemYes
Robe of starsWondrous itemYes
Rod of absorptionRodYes
Rod of alertnessRodYes
Rod of securityRodNo
Rod of the pact keeper, +3RodYes (warlock)
Scimitar of speedWeaponYes
Shield, +3ArmorNo
Spellguard shieldArmorYes
Staff of fireStaffYes (druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Staff of frostStaffYes (druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Staff of powerStaffYes (sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Staff of strikingStaffYes
Staff of thunder and lightningStaffYes
Sword of sharpnessWeaponYes
Tome of clear thoughtWondrous itemNo
Tome of leadership and influenceWondrous itemNo
Tome of understandingWondrous itemNo
Wand of polymorphWandYes (spellcaster)
Wand of the war mage, +3WandYes (spellcaster)
Weapon, +3WeaponNo

Major Items, Legendary

Apparatus of KwalishWondrous itemNo
Armor of invulnerabilityArmorYes
Armor, +3ArmorNo
Belt of cloud giant strengthWondrous itemYes
Belt of storm giant strengthWondrous itemYes
Cloak of invisibilityWondrous itemYes
Crystal ball (legendary)Wondrous itemYes
Cubic gateWondrous itemNo
Deck of many thingsWondrous itemNo
Efreeti chainArmorYes
Hammer of thunderboltsWeaponYes (Giant’s Bane)
Holy avengerWeaponYes (paladin)
Horn of Valhalla (iron)Wondrous itemNo
Instrument of the bards (Ollamh harp)Wondrous itemYes (bard)
Ioun stone (greater absorption)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (mastery)Wondrous itemYes
Ioun stone (regeneration)Wondrous itemYes
Iron flaskWondrous itemNo
Luck bladeWeaponYes
Plate armor of etherealnessArmorYes
Ring of air elemental commandRingYes
Ring of djinni summoningRingYes
Ring of earth elemental commandRingYes
Ring of fire elemental commandRingYes
Ring of invisibilityRingYes
Ring of spell turningRingYes
Ring of three wishesRingNo
Ring of water elemental commandRingYes
Robe of the archmagiWondrous itemYes (sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Rod of lordly mightRodYes
Rod of resurrectionRodYes (cleric, druid, or paladin)
Scarab of protectionWondrous itemYes
Sphere of annihilationWondrous itemNo
Staff of the magiStaffYes (sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)
Sword of answeringWeaponYes (creature of same alignment as sword)
Talisman of pure goodWondrous itemYes (creature of good alignment)
Talisman of the sphereWondrous itemYes
Talisman of ultimate evilWondrous itemYes (creature of evil alignment)
Tome of the stilled tongueWondrous itemYes (wizard)
Vorpal swordWeaponYes
Well of many worldsWondrous itemNo