Chapter 2: Random Encounters

Crazy things happen all the time. You never know what’s just around the corner or behind that door or down in that pit where I threw all those dwarves. Dwarves might be down there still. They’re hardy. They bounce. Sometimes.

Arctic Encounters

Arctic Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011 giant owl
02–051d6 + 3 kobolds
06–081d4 + 3 trappers (commoners)
09–101 owl
11–122d4 blood hawks
13–172d6 bandits
18–201d3 winged kobolds with 1d6 kobolds
21–25The partially eaten carcass of a mammoth, from which 1d4 weeks of rations can be harvested
26–292d8 hunters (tribal warriors)
30–351 half-ogre
36–40Single-file tracks in the snow that stop abruptly
41–451d3 ice mephits
46–501 brown bear
51–531d6 + 1 orcs
54–551 polar bear
56–571d6 scouts
58–601 saber-toothed tiger
61–65A frozen pond with a jagged hole in the ice that appears recently made
66–681 berserker
69–701 ogre
71–721 griffon
73–751 druid
76–803d4 refugees (commoners) fleeing from orcs
811d3 veterans
821d4 orogs
832 brown bears
84orc Eye of Gruumsh with 2d8 orcs
851d3 winter wolves
86–871d4 yetis
881 half-ogre
891d3 manticores
90bandit captain with 2d6 bandits
911 revenant
92–931 troll
94–951 werebear
96–971 young remorhaz
981 mammoth
991 young white dragon
001 frost giant

Arctic Encounters (Levels 5–10)

01–052 saber-toothed tigers
06–071d4 half-ogres
08–101d3 + 1 brown bears
11–151d3 polar bears
16–202d4 berserkers
21–25A half-orc druid tending to an injured polar bear. If the characters assist the druid, she gives them a vial of antitoxin.
26–302d8 scouts
31–352d4 ice mephits
36–402d6 + 1 zombies aboard a galleon trapped in the ice. Searching the ship yields 2d20 days of rations.
41–451 manticore
46–502d6 + 3 orcs
51–531d6 + 2 ogres
54–552d4 griffons
56–571d4 veterans
58–60bandit captain with 1 druid, 1d3 berserkers, and 2d10 + 5 bandits
61–651d4 hours of extreme cold (see chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide)
66–681 young remorhaz
69–72orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d6 orogs and 2d8 + 6 orcs
73–751 revenant
76–80A howl that echoes over the land for 1d3 minutes
81–821d3 mammoths
83–841 young white dragon
85–862d4 winter wolves
87–881d6 + 2 yetis
89–901d2 frost giants
91–921d3 werebears
93–941d4 trolls
95–961 abominable yeti
97–981 remorhaz
991 roc
002d4 young remorhazes

Arctic Encounters (Levels 11–16)

011 abominable yeti
02–041d6 revenants
05–101d4 + 1 werebears
11–201d3 young white dragons
21–25A blizzard that reduces visibility to 5 feet for 1d6 hours
26–351 roc
36–40A herd of 3d20 + 60 caribou (deer) moving through the snow
41–501d4 mammoths
51–601d8 + 1 trolls
61–65A mile-wide frozen lake in which the preserved corpses of strange creatures can be seen
66–752d4 young remorhazes
76–80A crumbling ice castle littered with the frozen bodies of blue-skinned humanoids
81–901 adult white dragon
91–961d8 + 1 frost giants
97–991d4 remorhazes
001 ancient white dragon

Arctic Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–022d10 revenants
03–042d8 trolls
05–062d10 werebears
07–081 frost giant
09–102d4 young remorhazes
11–201d4 frost giants
21–25A circular patch of black ice on the ground. The air temperature around the patch is warmer than in the surrounding area, and characters who inspect the ice find bits of machinery frozen within.
26–351 ancient white dragon
36–40An adventurer frozen 6 feet under the ice; 50% chance the corpse has a rare magic item of the DM’s choice
41–501d3 abominable yetis
51–601d4 remorhazes
61–65A 500-foot-high wall of ice that is 300 feet thick and spread across 1d4 miles
66–751d4 rocs
76–80The likeness of a stern woman with long, flowing hair, carved into the side of a mountain
81–901d10 frost giants with 2d4 polar bears
91–961d3 adult white dragons
97–992d4 abominable yetis
00ancient white dragon with 1d3 young white dragons

Coastal Encounters

Coastal Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011 pseudodragon
02–052d8 crabs
06–102d6 fishers (commoners)
111d3 poisonous snakes
12–131d6 guards protecting a stranded noble
14–152d4 scouts
16–182d10 merfolk
19–201d6 + 2 sahuagin
21–251d4 ghouls feeding on corpses aboard the wreckage of a merchant ship. A search uncovers 2d6 bolts of ruined silk, a 50-foot length of rope, and a barrel of salted herring.
26–271d4 winged kobolds with 1d6 + 1 kobolds
28–292d6 tribal warriors
30–313d4 kobolds
32–332d4 + 5 blood hawks
34–351d8 + 1 pteranodons
36–40A few dozen baby turtles struggling to make their way to the sea
41–421d6 + 2 giant lizards
43–441d6 + 4 giant crabs
45–462d4 stirges
47–482d6 + 3 bandits
49–532d4 sahuagin
54–551d6 + 2 scouts
56–601 sea hag
61–65A momentary formation in the waves that looks like an enormous humanoid face
66–701 druid
71–751d4 harpies
76–80A lone hermit (acolyte) sitting on the beach, contemplating the meaning of the multiverse
811d4 berserkers
821d6 giant eagles
832d4 giant toads
841d4 ogres or 1d4 merrow
853d6 sahuagin
861d4 veterans
871d2 plesiosauruses
88bandit captain with 2d6 bandits
891d3 manticores
901 banshee
91–921d4 + 3 griffons
93–94sahuagin priestess with 1d3 merrow and 2d6 sahuagin
95–961 sahuagin baron
97–981 water elemental
991 cyclops
001 young bronze dragon

Coastal Encounters (Levels 5–10)

012d8 giant wolf spiders
02–033d6 pteranodons
04–052d4 scouts
06–071d6 + 2 sahuagin
081 sea hag
09–101d4 + 1 giant toads
11–153d6 sahuagin
16–202d6 giant eagles
21–25pseudodragon chasing gulls through the air
26–291d2 druids
30–322d4 + 1 giant toads
33–351 commoner singing a dirge (day only) or
banshee (night only)
36–40A stoppered bottle containing an illegible note and half buried in the sand
41–43sea hags
44–461d8 + 1 harpies
47–501d4 plesiosauruses
51–531d4 manticores
54–562d4 ogres
57–601d10 griffons
61–65A battle at sea between two galleons
66–701d4 + 3 merrow
71–75A pirate crew consisting of 1 bandit captain, 1 druid, 2 berserkers, and 2d12 bandits, all searching for buried treasure
76–80A severed humanoid hand tangled in a net
81–821 water elemental
83–841 cyclops
85–861d4 banshees (night only)
87–882d4 veterans
89–901 young bronze dragon
91–931d3 cyclopes
94–951 young blue dragon
961 <sahuagin baron with 1d3 sahuagin priestesses and 2d8 sahuagin
971 djinni
981 roc
991 marid
001 storm giant

Coastal Encounters (Levels 11–16)

011d4 banshees (night only)
02–041 cyclops
05–081d6 + 2 manticores
09–101d8 + 2 veterans
11–201 young blue dragon
21–25A nest of 1d6 dragon turtle eggs
26–351d4 sahuagin barons
36–40A trident partially buried in the sand
41–501 young bronze dragon
51–551 marid
56–601d6 water elementals
61–652d6 ghasts crawling over 1d6 wrecked ships and feeding on the dead
66–701 djinni
71–751d3 young bronze dragons
76–80A beached whale, dead and bloated. If it takes any damage, it explodes, and each creature within 30 feet of it must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 5d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
81–822d4 cyclopes
83–841 storm giant
85–861d3 young blue dragons
87–881 adult bronze dragon
89–901 adult blue dragon
91–931d3 rocs
94–971 dragon turtle
98–991 ancient bronze dragon
001 ancient blue dragon

Coastal Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–101 roc
11–201 storm giant
21–25An adult bronze dragon fighting an adult blue dragon to the death
26–402d6 cyclopes
41–501 adult bronze dragon or 1 adult blue dragon
51–601d3 djinn or 1d3 marids
61–701 dragon turtle
71–751d3 rocs
76–801d6 + 2 waterspouts that dance on the water before stopping abruptly
81–901d6 young blue dragons
91–961 ancient bronze dragon
97–991 ancient blue dragon
001d3 + 1 storm giants

Danger is everywhere. Always keep one eye open.
That’s much easier for me than it is for you.

Desert Encounters

Desert Encounters (Levels 1–4)

013d8 scorpions
022d4 vultures
031 abandoned mule
042d6 commoners with 2d4 camels bound for a distant city
051d6 flying snakes
062d6 hyenas or 2d6 jackals
071d6 guards escorting a noble to the edge of the desert, all of them astride camels
081d6 cats
091 pseudodragon
101d4 poisonous snakes
11–132d4 stirges
14–151d6 + 2 giant wolf spiders
16–171 scout
18–202d4 giant poisonous snakes
21–25Single-file tracks marching deeper into the desert
26–274d4 kobolds
28–291 jackalwere
30–313d6 tribal warriors
32–331d6 giant lizards
34–351 swarm of insects
36–40An oasis surrounded by palm trees and containing the remnants of an old camp
41–443d6 bandits
45–461d4 constrictor snakes
47–482d4 winged kobolds
49–501 dust mephit
51–521d3 + 1 giant toads
53–541d4 giant spiders
551 druid
56–572d4 hobgoblins
581 wight
59–601 ogre
61–65A brass lamp lying on the ground
66–671d4 giant vultures
681 phase spider
691 giant constrictor snake
70–711 gnoll pack lord with 1d3 giant hyenas
721d6 + 2 gnolls
73–741 mummy
751d3 half-ogres
76–80A pile of humanoid bones wrapped in rotting cloth
81–821 lamia
831 hobgoblin captain with 2d6 hobgoblins
842d4 death dogs
85–861d4 giant scorpions
871 yuan-ti malison with 1d4 + 1 yuan-ti purebloods
88–891 bandit captain with 1 druid and 3d6 bandits
902d4 thri-kreen
911 air elemental
921d3 couatls
931 fire elemental
941d4 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
951 revenant
961d4 weretigers
971 cyclops
981 young brass dragon
991 medusa
001 yuan-ti abomination

Desert Encounters (Levels 5–10)

011d6 scouts
022d4 jackalweres
032d6 hobgoblins
041d4 + 3 dust mephits
051d6 swarms of insects
061 giant constrictor snake
07–081 lion
09–102d4 gnolls
11–122d6 giant toads
13–171 mummy
18–201d8 + 1 giant vultures
21–25A stone obelisk partly buried in the sand
26–28ogre with 1d3 half-ogres
29–351d10 giant hyenas
36–401d6 + 1 empty tents
41–431d6 + 2 thri-kreen
44–462d4 yuan-ti purebloods
47–501d6 + 3 death dogs
51–521d4 giant scorpions
531 fire elemental
54–55hobgoblin captain with 3d4 hobgoblins
561d6 + 2 ogres
57–581d4 lamias
59–601 air elemental
61–65A meteorite resting at the bottom of a glassy crater
661d4 + 1 wights
67–681 young brass dragon
69–70bandit captain with 1d3 berserkers and 3d6 bandits
71–721 cyclops
731d4 couatls
74–751d4 yuan-ti malisons
76–80Strong winds that kick up dust and reduce visibility to 1d6 feet for 1d4 hours
81–83revenant with 1d3 wights
84–851d8 + 1 phase spiders
86–871d6 + 2 weretigers
88–902d4 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
911 young blue dragon
921d4 cyclopes
931d3 yuan-ti abominations
941d4 medusas
951 guardian naga
961d3 young brass dragons
971 efreeti
981 roc
991 gynosphinx
001 adult brass dragon

Desert Encounters (Levels 11–16)

011 young brass dragon
02–054d6 gnolls
06–103d10 giant hyenas
11–121d8 + 1 lamias
13–142d4 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
15–171d6 + 2 giant scorpions
18–202d4 phase spiders
21–25A desert caravan consisting of 1d6 merchants (nobles) with 2d6 guards
26–271d6 + 1 couatls
28–301d4 fire elementals
31–32hobgoblin captain with 3d10 + 10 hobgoblins
33–352d4 wights
36–401d6 square miles of desert glass
41–421 young blue dragon
43–451d6 + 2 weretigers
46–481d4 air elementals
49–501d6 + 1 yuan-ti malisons
51–551d4 medusas
56–601d4 revenants with 3d12 skeletons
61–65A plundered pyramid
66–701d4 young brass dragons
71–751d3 yuan-ti abominations
76–781d6 + 2 cyclopes
79–821 adult brass dragon
83–851 purple worm
861d2 young blue dragons
87–881 mummy lord
891d3 guardian nagas
901 adult blue dragon
911d2 gynosphinxes
92–931d3 efreet
941 androsphinx
951d4 rocs
96–971 adult blue dracolich
98–991 ancient brass dragon
001 ancient blue dragon

Desert Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–051 adult brass dragon
06–101d2 yuan-ti abominations with 2d10 + 5 yuan-ti malisons and 4d6 + 6 yuan-ti purebloods
11–141d6 + 2 medusas
15–181d2 purple worms
19–222d4 cyclopes
23–25An abandoned city made from white marble, empty during the day. At night, harmless apparitions roam the streets, replaying the final moments of their lives.
26–301d3 young blue dragons
31–351 mummy lord
36–401d4 hours of extreme heat (see chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide)
41–501d3 guardian nagas
51–601d4 efreet
61–63An old signpost identifying a single destination, called Pazar
64–721d4 rocs
73–801d3 gynosphinxes
81–851 adult blue dracolich
86–901 androsphinx
91–961 ancient brass dragon
97–991 ancient blue dragon
001d4 adult brass dragons

Forest Encounters

Forest Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011 giant owl
021d4 cats
032d4 woodcutters (commoners)
04badger or 1d4 poisonous snakes
052d8 baboons
061d6 + 3 hyenas
071 owl
081 pseudodragon
091 panther
101 giant poisonous snake
111d6 + 2 boars
121d4 + 1 giant lizards
13ape or 1 tiger
142d6 tribal warriors with 1d6 mastiffs
151d6 + 2 giant bats or 3d6 flying snakes
161 scout or 2d4 guards with 1d8 mastiffs
171d8 + 1 winged kobolds
181d3 constrictor snakes
191d10 + 5 giant rats or 2d6 + 3 giant weasels
201d4 + 1 needle blights with 1d6 + 3 twig blights
21–25A lost, weeping child. If the characters take the child home, the parents reward them with 1d3 potions of healing.
261d8 + 1 giant frogs
274d4 kobolds
281d3 black bears
293d6 stirges
301 satyr
312d4 kenku
321d3 vine blights with 1d12 awakened shrubs
331d4 swarms of ravens
34faerie dragon (yellow or younger)
351d4 + 2 giant badgers
36–40A young woodcutter (scout) racing through the forest to rescue a lost friend
412d4 blink dogs
421d8 + 1 sprites
431d6 + 2 elk
441d4 lizardfolk or 3d6 bandits
451d4 + 4 wolves
462d4 giant wolf spiders
471 swarm of insects or 2d8 blood hawks
481d6 + 2 pixies
491 brown bear
501d4 + 3 goblins
511d3 dryads
521 awakened tree
531 phase spider
541d6 harpies
551 ettercap or 1d8 + 1 orcs
56goblin boss with 2d6 + 1 goblins
571 ankheg
581 giant constrictor snake
591d4 bugbears or 2d4 hobgoblins
601 pegasus
61–65A stream of cool, clean water flowing between the trees
661d4 half-ogres or 1 ogre
671 faerie dragon (green or older)
681 werewolf or 1d8 + 1 worgs
691 druid harvesting mistletoe
701 -wisp
711d4 dire wolves or 1 giant boar
721d10 giant wasps
731 owlbear or 1 giant elk
742d6 gnolls
751d6 giant toads
76–801d6 web cocoons hanging from the branches, holding withered carcasses
811 wereboar or 1d4 giant boars
821d6 + 2 giant spiders
831d4 centaurs or 1d4 giant elk
841 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 2d4 + 2 orcs
851 gnoll fang of Yeenoghu
861d4 gricks
87bandit captain with 2d6 + 3 bandits
881d4 wererats
89couatl (day) or 1 banshee (night)
90gnoll pack lord with 1d4 giant hyenas
912d4 berserkers or 1d4 veterans
92lizardfolk shaman with 1d3 swarms of poisonous snakes and 1d10 + 2 lizardfolk
931d4 displacer beasts
941d3 green hags
95hobgoblin captain with 2d6 hobgoblins and 1d4 giant boars
96yuan-ti malison with 1d6 + 1 yuan-ti purebloods
971d3 weretigers
98gorgon or 1 unicorn
991 shambling mound
001 yuan-ti abomination

Forest Encounters (Levels 5–10)

012d4 vine blights
022d6 hobgoblins or 2d6 orcs
032d4 apes or 2d4 satyrs
041d3 -wisp;will-o’-wisps
051d4 swarms of poisonous snakes
061 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d3 orogs and 1d8 + 2 orcs
071d3 constrictor snakes or 1d4 tigers
08goblin boss with 3d6 goblins
09faerie dragon (older) (any age)
10brown bear or 1d6 + 2 black bears
11–131d4 giant boars
14–151d8 + 1 giant spiders
16–17lizardfolk shaman with 2d4 lizardfolk
181d10 giant toads
191d4 ankhegs
201d3 awakened trees (day) or 1 banshee (night)
21–25A small shack almost hidden by the deep forest. The interior is empty aside from a large cast-iron oven.
261 couatl
27–281d4 ogres or 1d6 + 2 half-ogres
29–30gnoll pack lord with 1d4 + 1 giant hyenas
31–321d6 wererats
331d4 gricks
341d8 + 1 yuan-ti purebloods
351d6 pegasi
36–40An old stone archway of obvious elven design. Any character who passes under it makes Wisdom (Perception) checks with advantage for 1 hour.
41–421d6 + 2 dryads
431d4 giant elk
441d8 + 1 harpies
45–46bandit captain with 1 druid and 1d6 + 5 bandits
47–482d4 dire wolves
49–502d4 bugbears
51–522d4 centaurs
53–543d10 blink dogs
55–561d4 owlbears
57–581d8 + 1 berserkers
59–601d3 green hags
61–65A clear pool of water with 1d6 sleeping animals lying around its edge
66–671d4 werewolves
68–691 werebear
70–711d8 + 1 ettercaps
72–732d10 elk
74–751d4 veterans
76–80An old tree with a wizened face carved into the trunk
811d4 wereboars
822d4 displacer beasts
831d4 shambling mounds
84hobgoblin captain with 3d10 hobgoblins and 4d12 goblins
851 yuan-ti abomination
861d8 + 1 phase spiders
871d4 trolls
882d4 yuan-ti malisons
891 oni
901d4 unicorns
911d6 + 2 weretigers
921 young green dragon
931d4 gorgons
941d6 + 2 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
951 treant
961d4 revenants
97grick alpha with 1d6 + 1 gricks
981d4 giant apes
991 guardian naga
001 adult gold dragon

Forest Encounters (Levels 11–16)

01–031 werebear
04–051d4 druids performing a ritual for the dead (day only) or 1d4 banshees (night only)
06–071d3 couatls
08–101d3 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu with 2d6 + 3 gnolls
11–152d4 displacer beasts
16–201d6 + 2 veterans
21–25A pool of clear, still water. Gold coins litter the bottom, but they disappear if removed from the pool.
26–301d4 + 1 green hags with 1d3 owlbears
31–351d6 + 2 werewolves
36–40A small woodland shrine dedicated to a mysterious cult named the Siswa
41–451d6 + 2 phase spiders
46–502d4 yuan-ti malisons
51–521d3 werebears
53–541d4 revenants
55–561 young green dragon
57–581d4 trolls
59–601d6 + 2 wereboars
61–65A group of seven people (commoners) wearing animal masks and ambling through the woods
66–671d4 gorgons
68–691d3 shambling mounds
70–711 treant
72–731d4 unicorns
74–751d6 + 2 weretigers
76–80Peals of silvery laughter that echo from a distance
81–821 guardian naga
83–841 young gold dragon
85–861 grick alpha with 2d4 gricks
87–881d3 yuan-ti abominations
89–901 adult green dragon
91–931d8 + 1 giant apes
94–962d4 oni
97–991d3 treants
001 ancient green dragon

Forest Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–051 young green dragon
06–101 treant
11–131 guardian naga
14–161d10 revenants
17–191d8 + 1 unicorns
20–221d3 grick alphas
23–25For a few hundred feet, wherever the characters step, flowers bloom and emit soft light.
26–281 young gold dragon
29–311d6 + 2 shambling mounds
32–342d4 werebears
35–371d4 oni
38–404d6 + 10 elves living in a small community in the treetops
41–431d6 + 2 gorgons
44–462d4 trolls
47–491d4 giant apes
50–521d3 yuan-ti abominations
53–621d3 young green dragons
63–65A 50-foot-tall stone statue of an elf warrior with hand raised, palm out, as if to forbid travelers from coming this way
66–751d4 treants
76–80A cairn set atop a low hill
81–901 adult gold dragon
91–961 ancient green dragon
97–992d4 + 1 treants
001 ancient gold dragon

Grassland Encounters

Grassland Encounters (Levels 1–5)

01hobgoblin captain with 1d4 + 1 hobgoblins
021 chimera
031 gorgon
041d2 couatls
051 ankylosaurus
061 weretiger
071d3 allosauruses
08–091d3 elephants
10–14A circle of standing stones within which the air is utterly still, no matter how hard the wind blows outside
15–161 phase spider
17–18gnoll pack lord with 1d4 giant hyenas
19–201 orog or 1 pegasus
21–221 ankheg
23–241d3 rhinoceroses
25–281d3 cockatrices
29–321d6 + 2 giant wasps or 1d4 + 3 swarms of insects
33–361d4 jackalweres or 1d4 scouts
37–401d8 giant goats or 1d8 worgs
41–442d4 hobgoblins, 2d4 orcs, or 2d4 gnolls
45–461d2 giant poisonous snakes
47–481d6 + 2 elk or 1d6 + 2 riding horses
49–502d4 goblins
51–521d3 boars
53–54panther (leopard) or 1 lion
55–581d6 + 3 goblins riding wolves
59–622d6 giant wolf spiders or 1 giant eagle
63–651d8 + 4 pteranodons
66–693d6 wolves
70–742d4 + 2 axe beaks
75–76giant boar or 1d2 tigers
77–78ogre or 1d3 bugbears
79–801 giant elk, or 1 gnoll pack lord with 1d3 giant hyenas
81–821d3 giant vultures or 1d3 hippogriffs
83–841 goblin boss with 1d6 + 2 goblins and 1d4 + 3 wolves, or 1d3 thri-kreen
85–891d3 druids patrolling the wilds
90–911d6 scarecrows or 1 wereboar
92–931d3 centaurs or 1d3 griffons
941d3 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu, or 1 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 2d4 + 1 orcs
95–961 triceratops
97cyclops or 1 bulette
98–991d4 manticores
001 tyrannosaurus rex

Grassland Encounters (Levels 6–10)

011d3 gorgons
021d4 cyclopes
03–041d3 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
05–061 chimera
07–091d4 + 1 veterans on riding horses
10–11A tornado that touches down 1d6 miles away, tearing up the land for 1 mile before it dissipates
12–131d3 manticores
14–152d4 ankhegs
16–171d8 + 1 centaurs
18–191d6 + 2 griffons
20–211d6 elephants
22–24A stretch of land littered with rotting war machines, bones, and banners of forgotten armies
25–281d8 + 1 bugbears
29–32gnoll pack lord with 1d4 + 1 giant hyenas
33–362d4 scarecrows
37–401d12 lions
41–441d10 thri-kreen
45–461 allosaurus
47–481 tiger
49–501d2 giant eagles or 1d2 giant vultures
51–52goblin boss with 2d4 goblins
53–541d2 pegasi
55–581 ankylosaurus
59–621d2 couatls
63–661 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d8 + 1 orcs
67–702d4 hippogriffs
71–741d4 + 1 rhinoceroses
75–76hobgoblin captain with 2d6 hobgoblins
77–781d3 phase spiders
79–801d6 + 2 giant boars
81–822d4 giant elk
83–841d4 ogres and 1d4 orogs
85–87A hot wind that carries the stench of rot
88–901d3 weretigers
91–921 bulette
93–94A tribe of 2d20 + 20 nomads (tribal warriors) on riding horses following a herd of antelope (deer). The nomads are willing to trade food, leather, and information for weapons.
95–961d6 + 2 wereboars
971 young gold dragon
98–991d4 triceratops
001d3 tyrannosaurus rexes

Grassland Encounters (Levels 11–16)

01–053d6 wereboars
06–102d10 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
11–151d4 bulettes
16–17An old road of paved stones, partly reclaimed by wilderness, that travels for 1d8 miles in either direction before ending
18–271d12 couatls
28–30A witch (mage) dwelling in a crude hut. She offers potions of healing, antitoxins, and other consumable items for sale in exchange for food and news.
31–402d10 elephants
41–462d4 weretigers
47–561d8 + 1 cyclopes
57–611d3 chimeras
62–665 triceratops
67–69A giant hole 50 feet across that descends nearly 500 feet before opening into an empty cave
70–791d4 + 3 gorgons
80–881d3 young gold dragons
89–90A circular section of grass nearly a quarter-mile across that appears to have been pressed down; 1d4 more such circles connected by lines can be seen from overhead.
91–962d4 tyrannosaurus rexes
97–991 adult gold dragon
001 ancient gold dragon

Grassland Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–102d6 triceratops
11–201d10 gorgons
21–252d6 hyenas feeding on the carcass of a dead dinosaur
26–353d6 bulettes
36–40A fiery chariot that races across the sky
41–501d3 young gold dragons
51–602d4 cyclopes
61–65A valley where all the grass has died and the ground is littered with stumps and fallen tree trunks, all petrified
66–752d10 bugbears with 4d6 goblins and 2d10 wolves
76–80A friendly adventuring party of 1d6 + 1 characters of varying races, classes, and levels (average level 1d6 + 2). They share information about their recent travels.
81–901d12 chimeras
91–961d6 + 2 tyrannosaurus rexes
97–991 adult gold dragon
001 ancient gold dragon

Hill Encounters

Hill Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011 eagle
02–032d4 baboons
04–061d6 bandits
071d4 vultures
081d10 commoners
091 raven
101 poisonous snake
11–132d6 bandits or 2d6 tribal warriors
142d8 goats
151d6 + 4 blood hawks
161d4 + 3 giant weasels
17–181d3 guards with 1d2 mastiffs and 1 mule
19–201d6 + 5 hyenas
21–222d4 stirges
23–25An empty cave littered with bones
26pseudodragon or 1d3 giant owls
27lion or 1 panther (cougar)
28–302d8 kobolds
311 hippogriff
32–342d4 goblins
351 worg
361d3 swarms of bats or 1d3 swarms of ravens
371 giant eagle
38–40An old dwarf sitting on a stump, whittling a piece of wood
411d4 elk
421d4 winged kobolds with 1d6 kobolds
431d6 + 2 giant wolf spiders
44–452d4 wolves
461 swarm of insects
471d8 + 1 axe beaks
48–491 brown bear or 1d3 boars
501 scout
511 ogre
52–532d4 gnolls
541 giant elk
551d3 + 1 harpies
561 werewolf
57–582d4 orcs
591d4 half-ogres
60druid or 1 veteran
61–63The corpse of an adventurer that carries an intact explorer’s pack and lies atop a longsword
641 green hag
65–661d3 dire wolves
67–68A small cemetery containing 2d6 graves
69–70hobgoblin captain with 2d4 hobgoblins
712d4 giant goats
721 manticore
73–741d6 + 2 hobgoblins
751 phase spider
76–78A pile of droppings from a very large bird
791 gnoll fang of Yeenoghu
801d3 giant boars
811 gnoll pack lord with 1d3 giant hyenas
82bandit captain with 2d4 bandits
831 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d8 + 2 orcs
841d3 orogs or 1d4 berserkers
85–861 ettin or 1 wereboar
87–88goblin boss with 2d6 goblins
891d3 griffons
901d3 perytons or 1d4 pegasi
91–961d3 trolls
97–991 cyclops
001 stone giant

Hill Encounters (Levels 5–10)

011d4 pegasi or 1d3 perytons
021d6 + 2 giant goats
031 manticore
041d8 +1 gnolls or 1d8 + 1 hobgoblins
051d4 lions
061d6 + 2 worgs
071d4 brown bears
083d6 axe beaks
09half-ogre with 2d6 orcs
102d10 winged kobolds
11–12goblin boss with 1d4 dire wolves and 2d6 goblins
131d6 giant elk
14–151d8 + 1 giant eagles
16–171d4 phase spiders
18–19gnoll pack lord with 2d4 giant hyenas
202d4 hippogriffs
21–25A 15-foot-tall stone statue of a dwarf warrior that has been tipped over on its side
26–272d4 orogs
28–291d4 + 1 griffons
30–311d6 + 2 harpies
32–331 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 2d6 + 3 orcs
34–351d4 + 3 giant boars
36–40A stone door set into the side of a steep hill, opening onto 15 feet of descending stairs that end at a cave-in
41–421d3 green hags
43–441d4 werewolves
45–461d6 + 2 ogres
47–48hobgoblin captain with 2d8 hobgoblins
49–50bandit captain with 3d6 bandits
51–541 chimera
55–581d4 ettins
59–621d6 + 2 veterans with 2d6 berserkers
63–65An abandoned wooden hut
66–691 galeb duhr
70–731 bulette
74–771 wyvern
78–802d6 + 10 goats with 1 herder (tribal warrior)
81–821d3 hill giants
83–842d4 wereboars
85–861d4 revenants
87–881d2 gorgons
89–901d8 + 1 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
91–931d4 cyclopes
94–961 young red dragon
97–981d4 stone giants
991d3 young copper dragons
001 roc

Hill Encounters (Levels 11–16)

012d8 manticores or 2d8 phase spiders
02–041d6 green hags with 1d6 wyverns
05–07hobgoblin captain with 1 hill giant and 4d10 hobgoblins
08–102d6 + 3 werewolves
11–141d6 + 2 ettins
15–181d3 bulettes
19–221d4 werebears
23–24A stream of smoke emerging from a small chimney in the hillside
25–281d4 wyverns
29–321d8 + 1 wereboars
33–361d3 revenants
37–38A mild earthquake that shakes the region for 1d20 seconds
39–421d3 chimeras
43–461d4 gorgons
47–501d6 + 2 gnoll fangs of Yeenoghu
51–541d4 hill giants
55–581 young red dragon
59–621d3 + 1 galeb duhr
63–652d10 dwarf miners (commoners), whistling as they march toward their mine
66–691d3 young copper dragons
70–731d4 trolls
74–771d3 cyclopes
78–801d3 nobles with 1d4 scouts prospecting for gold
81–851 adult copper dragon
86–902d4 stone giants
91–961d4 rocs
97–991 adult red dragon
001 ancient copper dragon

Hill Encounters (Levels 17–20)

011d2 rocs
02–051 young red dragon
06–102d6 ettins
11–151d4 bulettes
16–201d10 revenants
21–25The white outline of an enormous horse carved into the side of a high hill
26–301d6 + 1 gorgons
31–352d4 + 1 trolls
36–40The scorched remains of 2d10 humanoids littering a hillside
41–452d4 hill giants
46–501d6 + 2 werebears
51–552d4 galeb duhr
56–601d4 + 2 wyverns
61–65A massive boulder partly buried in the earth as if it fell or was thrown there
66–701 adult copper dragon
71–751d6 + 3 cyclopes
76–80The stub of an old stone tower jutting from the top of a hill
81–852d4 stone giants
86–901 adult red dragon
91–961 ancient copper dragon
97–991 ancient red dragon
001d2 adult red dragons with 1d3 young red dragons

Mountain Encounters

Mountain Encounters (Levels 1–4)

01–021 eagle
03–051d3 swarms of bats
06–081d6 goats
09–111d10 + 5 tribal warriors
12–141d6 + 3 pteranodons
15–171d8 + 1 winged kobolds
18–201 lion
21–24Stairs chiseled into the side of the mountain that climb 3d20 + 40 feet before ending abruptly
25–272d10 stirges
28–302d4 aarakocra
31–332d6 dwarf soldiers (guards) with 1d6 mules laden with iron ore
34–361 giant eagle
37–38A small shrine dedicated to a lawful neutral god, perched on a stone outcropping
39–412d8 + 1 blood hawks
42–441 giant goat
45–473d4 kobolds
48–501 half-ogre
51–531 berserker
54–551 orog
561 hell hound
571 druid
58–591 peryton
60–611d2 hippogriffs
621 manticore
63–641d6 + 2 scouts
65–67Enormous footprints left by a giant, which head into the mountain peaks
68–732d4 orcs
74–751 giant elk
76–771 veteran
78–791 orc Eye of Gruumsh
801d4 harpies
811 ogre
821 griffon
831 basilisk
84–851 saber-toothed tiger
86–90A sparkling stream of water spilling from a crevice
911d2 ettins
921 cyclops
931 troll
941 galeb duhr
951 air elemental
961 bulette
971 chimera
981 wyvern
991 stone giant
001 frost giant

Mountain Encounters (Levels 5–10)

01–022d8 + 1 aarakocra
03–04lion or 1 saber-toothed tiger
05–061d8 + 1 giant goats
07–081d4 + 3 dwarf trailblazers (scouts)
09–101d6 + 2 orcs
11–151d10 giant eagles
16–201d8 + 1 hippogriffs
21–251d8 fissures venting steam that partially obscures a 20-foot cube above each fissure
26–301 basilisk
31–351d12 half-ogres
36–40A ravine blocked by a 100-foot-high wall, which has an opening in the center where a gate used to be
41–451 manticore
46–502d4 harpies
51–521 galeb duhr
53–541 bulette
55–561d10 berserkers
57–581d3 hell hounds
59–601d8 + 1 veterans
61–65A distant mountain whose peak resembles a tooth
66–691d4 ettins
70–731 wyvern
74–75orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d6 orogs and 3d6 + 10 orcs
76–80A row of 1d10 + 40 stakes upon which the bodies of kobolds, dwarves, or orcs are impaled
81–831 fire giant
84–851 young silver dragon
86–871d4 air elementals
88–901d4 trolls
91–921d3 + 1 cyclopes
93–941d4 chimeras
95–961 cloud giant
971 roc
981d4 stone giants
991 young red dragon
001d4 frost giants

Mountain Encounters (Levels 11–16)

01–021d8 + 1 basilisks
03–042d4 hell hounds
05–061d3 chimeras
07–081 galeb duhr
09–102d6 veterans
11–151 young silver dragon
16–202d4 trolls
21–251 red dragon gliding through the sky above the highest mountaintops
26–301d8 + 1 manticores
31–351d4 cyclopes
36–40Heavy snowfall that lasts for 1d6 hours
41–451d10 air elementals
46–501d6 + 2 bulettes
51–551d4 stone giants
56–601 fire giant
61–652 stone giants playing catch with a boulder a few hundred feet away
66–701d8 + 1 ettins
71–751d3 frost giants
76–80A wide crevasse, its depths shrouded in mist
81–851d4 cloud giants
86–901 adult silver dragon
91–961 adult red dragon
97–981d4 rocs
991 ancient silver dragon
001 ancient red dragon

Mountain Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–051d10 bulettes
06–101d8 + 1 chimeras
11–151 adult silver dragon
16–201d8 + 1 wyverns
21–25A massive boat perched atop a mountain
26–302d4 galeb duhr
31–351d4 frost giants
36–40A wooded valley haunted by secretive and reclusive elves who tell warily of their master: a mad wizard who lives in the heart of the valley
41–451d10 air elementals
46–501d6 + 3 trolls
51–551 adult red dragon
56–601d4 cloud giants
61–65A waterfall hundreds of feet high that drops into a clear pool
66–701d3 fire giants
71–752d4 stone giants
76–80A force of 100 dwarves (veterans) standing guard at a mountain pass, permitting no passage until a traveler pays 100 gp (if on foot) or 200 gp (if mounted)
81–851d4 rocs
86–901d4 young red dragons
91–961 ancient silver dragon
97–001 ancient red dragon

Swamp Encounters

Swamp Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011d4 poisonous snakes
02–053d6 rats
06–102d8 ravens
11–123d6 giant rats
131d10 + 5 tribal warriors
14–151d8 + 1 giant lizards
16–171 crocodile
18–191 swarm of insects
201 giant spider
21–221d4 + 1 mud huts partially sunken in murky water
23–252d8 + 1 kobolds
262d4 mud mephits
27–291d6 + 2 giant poisonous snakes
302d4 winged kobolds
31–321 scout
33–34The corpse of an adventurer tangled in the weeds. Looting the body turns up an explorer’s pack and perhaps (50% chance) a random common magic item.
35–381 giant toad
39–411d6 + 2 constrictor snakes
42–442d4 giant frogs
451d8 + 1 swarms of rats or 1d6 + 2 swarms of ravens
46–482d10 stirges
49–522d6 + 3 bullywugs
53–541d8 + 1 orcs
55–561d4 yuan-ti purebloods
571 druid
58–591 yuan-ti malison
60–621 giant constrictor snake
63–64A high-pitched shriek that lasts for 1d4 minutes
65–672d4 lizardfolk
68–691d4 ghouls
70–711 -wisp
721 wight
731 ghast
74–751 swarm of poisonous snakes
76–77A foul stench bubbling up from brackish waters
78–801d4 + 2 ogres
81–831 shambling mound
84–86lizardfolk shaman with 1d6 giant lizards and 2d10 lizardfolk
871 troll
88–891d4 green hags
90–911 revenant
92–931 giant crocodile
94–951 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d3 orogs and 2d6 + 3 orcs
96–971 young black dragon
981 yuan-ti abomination
991d4 water elementals
001 hydra

Swamp Encounters (Levels 5–10)

011 green hag
02–032d4 giant lizards or 2d4 giant poisonous snakes
04–052d8 winged kobolds
06–071d10 + 1 bullywugs with 1d8 + 1 giant frogs
08–091 druid
101d8 + 1 swarms of insects
11–131d12 ghouls
14–162d8 scouts
17–192d10 orcs
20–222d4 giant spiders
23–24Tainted water that exposes creatures that move through it to sight rot (see “Diseases” in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide)
25–271d6 + 2 giant toads
28–303d6 lizardfolk
31–331d8 + 1 yuan-ti purebloods
34–361d4 + 1 swarms of poisonous snakes
37–38A bloated humanoid corpse floating facedown in the water
39–411 shambling mound
42–441d4 + 1 -wisps
45–472d6 crocodiles
48–501d4 + 1 giant constrictor snakes
51–54lizardfolk shaman with 1d3 swarms of poisonous snakes and 1d8 + 2 lizardfolk
55–581d8 + 1 ogres
59–622d4 ghasts
63–65An altar partially sunk into the mud, devoted to a god that is part human and part frog
66–691 giant crocodile
70–731 shambling mound
74–771 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d3 ogres and 2d10 + 5 orcs
78–80A torrential rain that lasts 1d6 minutes and puts out all unprotected flames within 1 mile
81–821 young black dragon
83–841d4 green hags with 1d6 + 1 ogres
85–861 yuan-ti abomination
87–881d4 + 1 wights
89–901d6 + 1 yuan-ti malisons
91–931d4 + 1 trolls
94–961d10 revenants
97–991d8 + 1 water elementals
001d3 hydras

Swamp Encounters (Levels 11–20)

01–101d4 giant crocodiles
11–151d3 yuan-ti abominations
16–201d6 + 1 green hags
21–25A large, spreading tree from which 2d6 armored knights hang by the neck
26–302d4 wights
31–351d8 + 1 yuan-ti malisons
36–40Fog that rolls across the terrain, making the area within 1d3 miles heavily obscured for 1d4 hours
41–451d4 revenants
46–501d6 shambling mounds
51–551d10 water elementals
56–601d4 young black dragons
61–65An eerie, bat-headed idol almost completely covered by vines
66–701d8 + 2 trolls
71–751d3 hydras
76–80The sound of drums beating several miles away
81–961 adult black dragon
97–001 ancient black dragon

Underdark Encounters

Underdark Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011 mind flayer arcanist
021d3 + 1 giant poisonous snakes
031d3 giant lizards
042d4 giant fire beetles
051d8 + 1 flumphs
061 shrieker
071d12 giant rats
082d4 kobolds
091d8 + 1 stirges
102d4 humans (tribal warriors) seeking the way to the surface, fleeing their Underdark oppressors
11–121d10 troglodytes
13–141d2 gray oozes
15–163d6 stirges
17–181d3 magma mephits
19–201d10 goblins
21–22Orc graffiti on the walls, suggesting something rude about the mother of someone named Krusk
23–241 swarm of insects
251 deep gnome
26–281d8 + 1 drow
29–301d4 violet fungi
31–321d12 kuo-toa
331 rust monster
34–35A rubble-strewn passage that appears to have been recently cleared after a cave-in
36–371d8 + 1 giant bats
38–393d6 kobolds
40–412d4 grimlocks
42–431d4 + 3 swarms of bats
441 dwarf prospector (scout) looking for gold
451 carrion crawler or 1 gelatinous cube
461d8 darkmantles or 2d4 piercers
471 hell hound
481d3 specters
491d4 bugbears
501d10 + 5 winged kobolds
511d4 fire snakes
522d8 + 1 troglodytes
531d6 giant spiders
543d6 kuo-toa
55goblin boss with 2d4 goblins
564d4 grimlocks
571 ochre jelly
582d10 giant centipedes
591 nothic or 1 giant toad
601d4 myconid adults with 5d4 myconid sprouts
611 minotaur skeleton or 1 minotaur
623d6 drow
63mimic or 1 doppelganger
641d6 + 3 hobgoblins
65intellect devourer or 1 spectator
661d8 + 1 orcs
67–68A faint tapping coming from inside a nearby wall
691 gibbering mouther or 1 water weird
701d12 gas spores
711 giant constrictor snake
721d10 shadows
731d3 grells
741d4 wights
751d8 + 1 quaggoth spore servants
761d2 gargoyles
771d4 ogres or 1d3 ettins
781d4 dwarf explorers (veterans)
79–80An abandoned miners’ camp spattered with blood and littered with the contents of 1d3 dungeoneer’s packs
811 chuul or 1 salamander
821d4 phase spiders or 1d3 hook horrors
835d4 duergar
84ghost or 1 flameskull or 1 wraith
851 druid with 1 polar bear (cave bear)
86hobgoblin captain with 1d4 half-ogres and 2d10 hobgoblins
871 earth elemental or 1 black pudding
881 kuo-toa monitor with 1d8 + 1 kuo-toa whips
891 quaggoth thonot with 1d3 quaggoths
901 beholder zombie or 1 bone naga
911 orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d4 orogs and 2d8 orcs
921d4 ghasts with 1d10 ghouls
93–95A reeking puddle where slimy water has dripped from the ceiling
961 otyugh or 1 roper
971 vampire spawn
981 chimera
991 mind flayer
001 spirit naga

Underdark Encounters (Levels 5–10)

013d6 swarms of bats
021d4 giant spiders or 1d4 giant toads
031 mimic
042d4 gray oozes
052d10 orcs or 3d6 troglodytes
063d6 grimlocks
071d6 + 2 magma mephits
081 goblin boss with 2d4 goblins
092d4 darkmantles
102d8 + 1 drow
112d10 piercers
121d4 minotaur skeletons
13–143d6 deep gnomes
15druid with 1 polar bear (cave bear)
16–173d6 orcs
181 bone naga
19–202d6 bugbears
21–25Luminescent fungi growing on the walls of a moist cave, filling it with dim light
262d4 specters
271d12 + 4 shadows
281d3 gibbering mouthers
29–304d4 hobgoblins
31–321d4 carrion crawlers
33–341 black pudding
351d4 ochre jellies
36–40A patch of mold that appears yellow when light is directed toward it
411d4 nothics
42–432d8 + 1 gas spores
44–451d3 gelatinous cubes
461 ghost
47–481 flameskull
49–502d8 duergar
511 wraith
521 umber hulk
531 xorn
541d6 + 2 dwarf hunters (veterans) searching for trolls
55hobgoblin captain with 3d10 hobgoblins
561 roper
57kuo-toa monitor with 1d4 kuo-toa whips and 1d8 + 1 kuo-toa
581d3 water weirds
591d4 ghasts with 1d10 ghouls
601 otyugh
61–62A merchant caravan consisting of 1 drow mage, 2 drow elite warriors, and 2d10 quaggoths
631d4 wights
641d4 doppelgangers
652d8 fire snakes
661d4 spectators
67orc Eye of Gruumsh with 1d4 orogs and 2d10 + 3 orcs
681d3 vampire spawn
691d4 hook horrors or 1d4 minotaurs
703d6 quaggoth spore servants
71–721d3 grells
731d6 + 1 intellect devourers
741d10 gargoyles
751 beholder zombie
76–771 quaggoth thonot with 2d4 quaggoths
781d6 ettins or 1d4 trolls
791d8 + 1 phase spiders
80fomorian or 1d3 cyclopes
811d4 earth elementals
823d6 ogres
831d4 + 1 chuuls
841d10 hell hounds
851d3 drow elite warriors
861d4 chimeras
871d4 salamanders
881 cloaker
892d4 wights
901d4 driders
911 fire giant
92grick alpha with 2d4 gricks
931 mind flayer arcanist
941d4 drow mages
951 spirit naga
961d4 mind flayers
971 behir
981 aboleth
99dao or 1 stone giant
001 beholder

Underdark Encounters (Levels 11–16)

01–023d6 carrion crawlers
03–041d6 + 1 gelatinous cubes
05–061d8 + 2 gibbering mouthers
07–082d8 minotaur skeletons
09–102d6 ochre jellies
11–122d4 doppelgangers
13–141d4 quaggoth thonots with 1d10 + 2 quaggoths
15–161d3 ropers
17–183d6 gargoyles
19–201d10 mimics
21–25A 100-foot-long ravine, 4d10 feet wide and 5d20 + 200 feet deep
26–27hobgoblin captain with 3d10 hobgoblins
28–292d4 spectators
30–313d6 ghasts
32–332d8 intellect devourers
34–351d3 Orc Eye of Gruumsh with 2d4 orogs and 2d10 orcs
36–40A large cave containing 2d10 extraordinarily detailed statues of various creatures
41–421d8 + 1 kuo-toa monitors
43–442d4 water weirds
45–462d10 gricks
47–483d6 nothics
49–502d8 + 1 ogres
51–521d6 + 2 chuuls
53–541d8 + 1 ettins
553d6 grells
562d4 flameskulls
572d12 dwarf soldiers (veterans) on patrol
582d8 hell hounds
591d10 ghosts
603d4 wights
613d6 phase spiders
621d8 + 1 bone nagas
63–65A shrill scream followed by dark laughter
661d4 chimeras
671d10 black puddings
683d6 minotaurs
692d4 otyughs
701d6 + 1 beholder zombies
714d4 hook horrors
721d8 + 1 umber hulks
732d4 salamanders
741d3 grick alphas
751d6 + 2 xorn
76–80A ruined village that once belonged to deep gnomes. A search has a 50% chance of uncovering 1d3 potions of healing and a 25% chance of finding a random common magic item.
812d4 earth elementals
821d3 spirit nagas
831d8 + 1 cyclopes
841d6 + 2 trolls
852d4 stone giants
862d4 wraiths
871d4 fomorians
881d3 drow mages with 1d4 drow elite warriors
891d10 vampire spawn
901d3 cloakers
911d4 fire giants
92mind flayer arcanist with 1d6 + 1 mind flayers
931d4 dao
941d8 + 1 driders
951d3 behirs
961d4 aboleths
971 beholder
981 young red shadow dragon
991 death tyrant
001 purple worm

Underdark Encounters (Levels 17–20)

011d4 grick alphas
022d8 spectators
03–043d6 minotaurs or 2d8 kuo-toa monitors
05–062d8 grells
07–082d10 phase spiders
09–104d4 hell hounds
11–121d6 + 2 ropers
13–142d10 wights
15–163d6 doppelgangers
17–181d8 + 1 chimeras
19–201d4 cloakers
211d4 hobgoblin captains with 5d10 hobgoblins
22–231d8 + 1 earth elementals
24–252d4 vampire spawn
26–273d6 minotaurs
28–30A 30-foot-tall inverted black pyramid floating 1 inch above the floor in a large cave
31–321d10 beholder zombies
33–341d4 mind flayer arcanists
35–361d6 + 2 otyughs
37–381d12 trolls
39–401d10 wraiths
41–43A beautiful obsidian sculpture of a panther lying on the floor
44–451d4 drow mages with 1d6 drow elite warriors
46–471d4 spirit nagas
48–491d8 + 1 salamanders
50–512d4 umber hulks
52–531d10 xorn
54–561 young red shadow dragon
57–592d4 fomorians
60–621d8 + 1 driders
63–651d20 + 20 spiders crawling on the walls of a web-filled cave
66–681d4 fire giants
69–701d10 mind flayers
71–732d4 stone giants
74–761d12 cyclopes
77–80A large cave in which stands a 50-foot-tall idol of Blibdoolpoolp
81–851d3 dao
86–901d4 beholders
91–931d4 behirs
94–961 death tyrant
97–991d3 purple worms
002d4 aboleths

Underwater Encounters

Underwater Encounters (Levels 1–4)

01–103d6 quippers
11–142d4 steam mephits
15–181d4 sahuagin
19–222d6 merfolk
23–252d4 corpses of drowned sailors tangled in kelp
26–292d4 constrictor snakes
30–331d4 reef sharks
34–371 swarm of quippers
38–40A bed of enormous clams
41–451d10 merfolk with 1d3 giant sea horses
46–501 giant octopus
51–551 merrow
56–601 plesiosaurus
61–652d10 pieces of corroded brass dinnerware littering the bottom
66–701 giant constrictor snake
71–751 sea hag
76–80A school of silvery fish darting through the water
81–851d4 hunter sharks
86–901 sahuagin priestess with 2d4 sahuagin
91–961d4 killer whales
97–981 giant shark
991 water elemental
001 sahuagin baron

Underwater Encounters (Levels 5–10)

01–023d6 steam mephits
03–041d10 sahuagin
05–061 giant octopus
07–083d6 constrictor snakes
09–102d10 merfolk with 1d4 giant sea horses
11–151d4 sea hags
16–202d4 swarms of quippers
21–25A sunken galleon with a 50% chance of a random treasure hoard inside (roll on the Treasure Hoard: Challenge 5–10 table in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide)
26–301d4 plesiosauruses
31–353d6 reef sharks
36–40An abandoned bathysphere
41–501d4 giant constrictor snakes
51–552d4 hunter sharks
56–601d3 sahuagin priestesses with 2d10 sahuagin
61–65An empty castle made from coral
66–701d4 killer whales
71–751d10 merrow
76–80An eerie statue of a squatting humanoid, with bat wings on its back and tentacles sprouting from its face
81–851d4 water elementals
86–901 sahuagin baron with 2d8 sahuagin
91–961d4 giant sharks
97–991 marid
001 storm giant

Underwater Encounters (Levels 11–20)

01–10sahuagin baron with 1d4 sahuagin priestesses and 2d10 sahuagin
11–351d10 killer whales
36–40A ghost ship passing overhead, containing 2d6 + 10 ghosts
41–601d6 giant sharks
61–65A 1-mile-radius sphere of effervescent water that allows air-breathing creatures to breathe water while in the sphere
66–751d10 water elementals
76–80A shimmering, blue-green portal to the Elemental Plane of Water
81–901d4 marids
91–961d3 storm giants
97–991 dragon turtle
001 kraken

Urban Encounters

Urban Encounters (Levels 1–4)

011d6 cats
02–031 commoner with 1d6 goats
04–052d10 rats
06raven perched on a signpost
07commoner on a draft horse
082d4 mastiffs
091d2 commoners leading 1d4 mules or 1d4 ponies
101 pseudodragon
111 spy
12–131d8 + 1 acolytes
141d6 + 6 flying snakes
153d6 kobolds
162d4 giant centipedes
171d8 + 1 skeletons
18–191d6 + 2 swarms of rats
201d12 zombies
21–25A peddler weighed down with a load of pots, pans, and other basic supplies
261 giant wasp
27–281 warhorse
292d8 cultists
30–313d4 giant rats
322d8 stirges
331d3 + 2 giant poisonous snakes
341d4 + 2 swarms of bats
352d4 winged kobolds
36–40A wagon loaded with apples that has a broken wheel and holds up traffic
411 crocodile
42–431 swarm of insects
44–453d6 bandits
46–471d3 + 2 nobles on riding horses with an escort of 1d10 guards
482d4 kenku
491d6 + 2 smoke mephits
501d8 + 1 swarms of ravens
51–521 wererat
53–541d3 half-ogres
55–561 mimic
57–581d4 ghouls
59–601d4 specters
61–621d10 shadows
63–65Someone empties a chamber pot onto the street from a second-floor window
66–671 ghast
68–691 priest
70–711 -wisp
72–731d3 giant spiders
74–751d4 yuan-ti purebloods
76–772d4 thugs
78–80A doomsayer who preaches the end of the world from a street corner
811 cambion
821 vampire spawn
831 couatl
841 ghost
85succubus or 1 incubus
86bandit captain with 3d6 bandits
871d4 + 1 cult fanatics
881 knight or 1 veteran
891 water weird
901 wight
911 mage
921 shield guardian
931 gladiator
941 revenant
952d4 gargoyles
961d4 doppelgangers
971 oni
981 invisible stalker
991d8 + 1 phase spiders
001 assassin

Urban Encounters (Levels 5–10)

01–021d10 kenku
03–042d6 giant centipedes
05–062d8 skeletons
07–081d6 swarms of bats and 1d6 swarms of rats
09–103d6 winged kobolds
11–132d4 specters
14–161d4 wights
17–194d4 acolytes on draft horses
20–223d6 giant centipedes
23–25A talkative urchin, badgering passersby to serve as their guide through the community for a price of 1 sp
26–281d10 spies
29–313d6 crocodiles
32–341d6 + 2 swarms of insects
35–372d4 smoke mephits
38–40noble shouts “Stop! Thief!” at a fleeing scoundrel (bandit)
41–43succubus or 1 incubus
44–461d10 half-ogres
47–492d10 giant wasps
50–514d10 zombies
52–531d4 knights on warhorses
54–551d4 + 1 water weirds
56–571d8 + 1 mimics
58–592d8 giant spiders
60–613d6 shadows
62–65An actor leans out from a second-story window to call to passersby, announcing a show
66–67bandit captain with 3d8 bandits
68–691d10 will-o’-wisps
70–712d4 priests
72–743d6 yuan-ti purebloods
75–762d10 thugs
77–80A fortune-teller reads cards for those who pay a price of 1 sp
811d3 gladiators
821d4 + 1 couatls
831d8 ghosts
842d4 doppelgangers
851d6 +2 phase spiders
862d4 veterans
871d8 ghasts with 2d6 ghouls
883d6 gargoyles
892d10 cult fanatics
903d6 wererats
921d3 invisible stalkers
931 gray slaad
94young silver dragon
951d4 cambions or 1d4 revenants
963d6 wights
982d4 vampire spawn or 1d4 oni
99mage with 1 shield guardian
001 rakshasa or 1 vampire

Urban Encounters (Levels 11–16)

011 mimic
02–051 bandit captain with 5d10 bandits, all on riding horses
06–101d10 knights on warhorses (one knight is a doppelganger)
11–131d8 succubi or 1d8 incubi
14–163d6 cult fanatics
17–191d10 wights
20–223d6 wererats
23–25A distant boom followed by a plume of smoke rising from the other side of the community
26–281d8 + 1 ghosts
29–312d10 gargoyles
32–341d6 + 2 water weirds
35–371d4 + 4 will-o’-wisps
38–40Street performers putting on a puppet show, involving two puppets beating each other with sticks to the amusement of the gathered crowd
41–432d4 couatls
44–462d8 ghasts
47–511d8 + 1 veterans
52–553d4 priests
56–582d4 cambions
59–611d10 revenants
62–652d4 phase spiders
66–69A scruffy commoner that ducks into an alley to make a purchase from a suspicious-looking figure
70–721d8 invisible stalkers
73–751d8 + 1 gladiators
76–80Two farmers trading blows over the price of potatoes (50% chance for one farmer to be a retired assassin)
81–821d4 young silver dragons
83–841d4 assassins
85–861d8 oni
87–881d4 mages with 1d4 shield guardians
89–901d10 vampire spawn
91–921 adult silver dragon
93–941d4 gray slaadi
95–961 spellcaster vampire or 1 warrior vampire
971 archmage speeding down the street on a riding horse, blasting 1d4 guards with spells
981 rakshasa
991 vampire
001 ancient silver dragon

Urban Encounters (Levels 17–20)

01–051d10 invisible stalkers
06–101d10 revenants
11–141d6 + 2 gladiators
15–182d4 cambions
19–222d6 succubi or 2d6 incubi
23–25A witch (archmage) who zooms overhead on a broom of flying
26–301d4 gray slaadi
31–352d8 couatls
36–40A distraught parent who rushes up to people, begging for help for a child who fell into the sewer
41–451d3 young silver dragons
46–503d6 ghosts
51–551 adult silver dragon
56–601d4 mages with 1d4 shield guardians
61–65An aggressive merchant who hawks wares to passersby, claiming to be the purveyor of the finest silks in all the land
66–701 ancient silver dragon
71–753d6 vampire spawn
76–80A patrol of 2d10 guards marching up the street, searching for someone or something
81–851d10 assassins
86–901d4 + 1 gray slaadi
91–931d10 oni
94–961 spellcaster vampire or 1 warrior vampire
971d4 archmages
981d3 rakshasas
991d4 vampires
001 tarrasque